WHS Logistics

WHS Logistics is a joint venture between Wilmar Europe and H&S Logistic Services. Wilmar is Asia’s market leader in the field of agricultural raw materials (e.g. palm oil) and is part of one of the largest companies listed on the Singapore stock exchange. Combined with the expertise of H&S Group, WHS Logistics is a control tower that facilitates major suppliers and customers by delivering best-in-class supply chain solutions. With Wilmar’s strengths, scalability and global presence, the joint venture WHS provides a strong platform for delivering logistic excellence to the global market.

From the start of Wilmar in Europe there was a strategic partnership between H&S and Wilmar. H&S organized the outbound logistics, initially from the plant in Rotterdam, but also over the years from all the Wilmar plants. The growth of Wilmar into different markets gave H&S the opportunity to grow along. Due to this strong growth H&S and Wilmar decided to join the forces more strongly ending up in this joint venture.

WHS Logistics operates completely independently from the other divisions within H&S Group and Wilmar in order to guarantee neutrality for all customers. The strength of the WHS Logistics 4PL control tower lies in its ability to enable economies of scale through vertical and horizontal integration. Accordingly all systems and processes have been designed and configured to assure customers complete confidentiality whilst reaping the benefits of visibility and intelligence across the market.

WHS embodies the shared values of the Wilmar and H&S organizations:
Excellence: We strive to be the best in every aspect of our business, using the highest possible standards to deliver great products and services
Passion: We go the extra mile for our Customers and for the growth of our Company
Innovation: We embrace ideation and allocate resources to innovate and improve our products and processes
Teamwork: We work as one team to achieve our business goals